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This is a repost you guys but for a very good reason! It´s pretty decent for winter here in Vienna but I heard that a lot of you are freezing right now, so I want you to make sure to load up on vitamin c:


Have you heard of sea buckthorn (or Sanddorn in German)? My doc got me hooked on this after my cold. The berries contain 50mg of vitamin c – you need 100mg of lemons for the same amount!


I bought a small bottle at the organic food store nearby. It´s a syrup but don´t worry there is no sugar added. The sea buckthorn berry itself tastes crazily sour, so it´s often mixed with apple puree.


>> You simply take 2 to 3 teaspoons of the syrup, juice 2 medium sized oranges and add soy milk as you like.<<




It´s a creamy and tasty drink which boosts your immune system during flu season. Personally I think it works great as an afternoon pick-me-up as well, especially when you´re crazily busy at work like I am this month. I even got my co-workers hooked.


Since I posted this last year I like to add that I sometimes add a few chunks of banana as well since I heard that vitamin c gets absorbed even better by your body if combined with potassium. And even if that´s a total lie, I guess it won´t hurt either.


And have I mentioned how yummie it is? Like sunshine for your tongue :)


Now go and have a glass!



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