Would You Live In A Tiny House?


Would You Live In A Tiny House? | Spunkyrella.com

Last Saturday, cozily planted on the couch, I came across a show called TINY HOUSE HUNTERS and was hooked only five minutes in! Have you seen it? And ever since I am wondering if it was for me. Would you live in a tiny house?


Drastic down-sizing for a minimal lifestyle

It‘s basically about singles, couples and small families who down-size their homes in order to embrace minimalism. Tiny houses are extremely sustainable and easily affordable. They start at around $ 35,000 / € 32.000 and allow people to live a much simpler life without stressing about debt or mortgages. I embrace minimalism and always enjoyed living in a small apartment. My current 41 square meters seem too narrow for many, but I like the fact that I can never become a hoarder and have to have a good clear out every few months. Still, it’s no tiny house! Minimalism is a huge trend these days in terms of housing, capsule wardrobes and just a simpler lifestyle overall.


Would You Live In A Tiny House? | Spunkyrella.comWould You Live In A Tiny House? | Spunkyrella.comWould You Live In A Tiny House? | Spunkyrella.com

Clever storage solutions are a must

Honestly, I was seriously surprised about the tiny house interiors. So much space and storage and still it doesn’t look crowded at all. One family decided on living in a 35 square feet house with their three (!) kids. That looked like a recipe for disaster to me. I can totally see the tiny house lifestyle working for singles and couples, but with three little rascals running around?! I am not so sure. Still, it seemed to work for them. Also, all of the shown homes had a very airy overall vibe and still, as a viewer, there was nothing missing really. Minimalism at it’s best!


Modern minimalism for the win

I especially liked the modern styled homes. Lots of timber and white color used for the interior and a more dramatic look in black and charcoal paint out on the front. So dreamy! And now, I actually think about how cool it would be to spend a Summer in a moving tiny house planted by a lake of my choice. A girl can dream, right?! Just, whoa!


Would You Live In A Tiny House? | Spunkyrella.comWould You Live In A Tiny House? | Spunkyrella.com


What do you think about the tiny house movement?



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  1. It´s really cute! And you don´t have to clean that much! ;) But I would rather life somewhere, where my partner and I can go to different rooms and have some “alone time”!

    1. I think in the long run living the tiny house lifestyle can be quite challenging – yes. But for the Summer or for wanderlusty singles, it´s perfect!

  2. I adore houses like these and I would love to spend some nights there. But for a longer stay this tiny houses would be simple to small for me. There is no space for all my little and big things I love to be sourroundet with. As a experimental experience I would love to spend there a litte time – but not for longer.
    Besides this I am very impressed by the architectural genius of them!

    1. I think they are really cleverly planned out and might be worth trying. Maybe not as a forever home but for short-term.