Would you eat out alone?


Would You Eat Out Alone? | Spunkyrella.com

Being out and about all day, the last thing I wanted to think about was cooking for myself. So on the verge of getting hangry, I conveniently sneaked into a lovely little Italian place nearby. I enjoyed their signature plate of pasta with eggplant, tomatoes, anchovy and olives, treated myself to some bubbly Pellegrino aranciata (my fave!) for a change and had time to read as well (currently stumbling through this book).


I was just about to enjoy the last bite of my meal when I got a text of a friend asking if I am up for a late lunch. I quickly told her I just had late lunch by myself, when she replied: “By yourself? As in: Alone?”, in disbelief. It was then and there that it dawned on me that I actually like to go to a restaurant by myself and never thought that´s weird at all. Do you?


Traveling alone a lot does that to you, I guess. And while I am all about eating out with friends and having sisters brunch, of course, from time to time I do enjoy hiding away in a little nook of a restaurant just for myself and have proper meal there instead of just a snack-to-go.


“It´s pure bliss. You should give it a try some time”, I texted back almost triumphantly while asking for the check…



What about you? Would you eat out alone?




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  1. I do stuff by myself all the time! I eat alone, shop alone, go to movies alone. Sometimes I just want to relax by myself but out in public haha! :)

    1. I love to do things alone, Sara! I totally agree! Still for some people it´s weird or “desperate” to do so. I think if you can´t be happy in your own company, you never truly are…

  2. I’ve found such solace and peace being alone over the last nearly 2 years. It’s such a nice way to grow comfortable with yourself. :)

  3. Interessant… in der Mensa sitz ich auch alleine, aber ich war noch nie allein im Restaurant oder im Kino. Alleine Shoppen kann ich aber sehr gut :D