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Work Trips And Road Trips |

In an effort to not only talk feminism but live feminism, I want to practice what I preach and support one of our very own. Monika Kanokova is a visionary, a GirlBoss, a creative force who is ready to publish her third book (in 3 years!) by launching her latest Kickstarter campain.


Her books are inspiring and motivating especially for us hustlers and working girls in the creative field. Monika’s latest baby Work Trips + Road Trips – A Book For Creative Freelancers includes topics such as success, mindfulness, goals, money and travel. As usual she interviews 15 extraordinary women from the creative community, such as photographers, designers, art directors and even chefs who didn’t wait around for opportunities to happen, but eventually created their own!


Wouldn’t it be great to get to read this book?
This is where you come in!


Work Trips And Road Trips | Spunkyrella.comWork Trips And Road Trips |

There is only less then a week left to get Work Trips + Road Trips funded, please chime in! You can support by getting The Reviewer Bundle for only 1 Euro or invest in different bundles up to 60 Euros. The latter will secure you a spot at her Secret Dinner Party in Berlin or Vienna (where I’d be as well, yay!). Since Monika is always someone to have a Plan B on hand, she even decided to offer a limited number of spots to hire her to revamp your blog or website!


If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, it goes like this: You make a financial pledge by choosing a bundle of your choice – as I said it starts with only 1 Euro. Pledging means, you get charged the amount you promised as soon as the funding sum is met. Also, you get value for supporting a project. In this case, you get the book (or all three) either in pdf format or a tangeable copy, depending on the bundle you chose!  More here



So please skip your pricey latte-to-go just once or twice and support this important and much needed career guide for female hustlers!
Thank you




— This is not a sponsored post. I support causes I believe in and will continue to do so! —



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