Which language would you like to learn?


When I am visiting a foreign country, I get a kick out of acting like a local from the start. You know, the little things like ordering from the menu in the native tongue or getting a coffee and chatting with the barista and not looking like a tourist. I always try to have at least a few basic phrases on hand to feel comfortable and get to know the local people (more about Travel Alone basics here).

I am kind of smitten with Stockholm and Sweden in general, lately. From what I´ve heard Swedish is a delightful language and I think about taking classes before I am heading north. I did learn French and Spanish in school and while I am still pretty good understanding both, I can´t talk that much anymore.

I loved this 8 Tips and Tricks for Learning a New Language Quickly and thought you might be interested as well:

Many moons ago I wasn´t that comfortable talking or writing English either. If you´d have told me back then, that I might pen a blog one day in English, I surely would have called you crazy. But since living in New York City for a year, getting to read English books and watching American movies without any German translation, it just caught up with me.

I still think the best way to learn a language and master it´s quirks and pronounciation is to go the native country and talk until your mouth hurts :)

What are your tips and tricks to learn a language?

Oh, and I did take this fun quiz via Buzzfeed. According to my choice of coffee and Brad Pitt movie (?), I should take Arabic lessons. Interesting!

What about you? Which language did you always like to master?

(Photo via Noreen Parton; Illustration by Yumi Sakugawa)

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  1. I should learn Chinese! haha! If I could, I would want to learn as many languages as possible, but then I would forget it all because I wouldn’t use it in my daily life. I would love to learn Swedish, Korean, Spanish, French, Hebrew, and Mandarin. Also American sign language!