What’s your signature summer scent?


When the temperature is rising and humidity strikes, I usually can´t be bothered with wearing any kind of perfume. My favorite ones are usually too heavy for summer, so I ditched that step in my morning routine altogether though I like to wear some kinda scent. I would grab some kind of dry oil every other day, but that was it.

That quickly changed when I came across this light and handy rollerball perfume that mesmerizes with a deep jasmine note that fades into a fresh scent of summer, sun and the beach and by the end of the day I can smell salt water on my skin. It´s heaven in a bottle and it´s called Bobbi Brown Beach. I am in love and can’t stop sniffing my wrists all day long :)

Have you ever tried it?

(Image via WeHeartIt | Madame Madita)


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  1. Since moving to Saudi Arabia and discovering oud I am obsessed. It’s pure, last forever, but cost a lot. My favorite spray right now is one called red from Oman.