What’s Your Favorite Scent Right Now?


Lately I crave everything nectarine and peach-scented. It´s not the fruit itself but scented shower gel, lip balm, frozen yogurt and perfume. It´s crazy!

My favorite is Jo Malone´s Nectarine Blossom and Honey Cologne. It´s fruity and crisp and has a subtle sweetness to it, also a little goes a long way. I would drink it if I could.
For cooler days I like to layer it with Jo Malone´s Vanilla Anis Cologne to add more warmth and depth to the smell. It´s divine.
We´ll see how long it takes until I am over it but right now I hope my craving will never end, she said while sniffing her wrists again :)

Do you have a favorite scent right now? Do you like to layer perfumes? Please share.

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