What´s your daily uniform?


What´s your daily uniform? I Spunkyrella.com

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Last week, I overheard my coworkers discussing the photo of Mark Zuckerberg´s closet that went viral (if you haven´t seen it – click here). Particularly his collection of grey t-shirts that he´s wearing every day. This quickly led to Steve Jobs´ iconic black turtlenecks and my chatty female colleagues making jokes about men and their limited style choices. Naturally, I chimed in to point out that, in fact, all of us seem to have a daily uniform of sorts. As much as I like to put in more effort from time to time, I actually prefer a uniform type of look most days. Don´t you?


Then my work buddy Ros agreed and brought up the rise of capsule wardrobes these days and soon everyone was eager to define their very own office uniform and building their own capsules from scratch already…


Lucky me has no restrictions when it comes to office attire. I enjoy wearing flowy skirts with leather flip-flops during hot summers and jeans for pretty much the rest of the year. I am a total denim girl, especially during the cold and dreary season right now. So, in terms of a daily uniform, I believe the one above would be it. Comfy jeans, sturdy boots, a warm scent (find my faves here), cozy knits in muted colors and my favorite triangle ear studs. For super-hydrated lips, I like to grab a watermelon-vanilla lip balm and my hair is usually up in a messy bun or top knot of sorts. Voilà.


Choosing a daily uniform – on purpose or by accident – is convenient and re-assuring in a way, don´t you agree? I like to grab something I feel confident in (and snuggly warm) and appreciate that I don´t have to put too much thought and effort into it. Especially on those grey early mornings.



What does your daily uniform look like these days?




(Top image by Wit & Delight; collage by me – more details here)




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  1. As I am a mom of a one year old toddler my daily “uniform” should have to be convenient so I often choose the jeans and t-shirt style :) But when it comes to be more formal I love to wear simple black trousers or a skirt and a fancy or sophisticated blouse.

    In my former jobs I were lucky not having any dresscodes.

    1. I agree, my uniform would work for moms as well! I think denim works all year round, really and as you said paired with a nice blouse or top and maybe heels, it´s a totally different look :)

  2. I like your daily uniform, I think mine would be exactly the same. But I wish my clothes would stay as stylish as when I buy them. I have the feeling after a few washes they all look so worn out and faded… grrr!

    1. I think we can all relate to that dilemma! I recently decided to bite the bullet and buy better quality when it comes to basics like t-shirts and knits. They stay in great shape for way longer and thus come cheaper in the long run since you get so much wear out of them!

  3. Ich müsste dringend mal meinen Kleiderschrank ausmisten – und mit stylischeren Dingen wieder befüllen! :D Daher trage ich teilweise Klamotten, die ich auch schon vor 10 Jahren getragen hatte. Naja, passt schon! (im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes)

    1. Daran ist ja nichts verwerflich, Jenni! Solang die Sachen in Ordnung sind und du sie immer noch gerne trägst!