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Moving comes with its own rules and of course this post didn’t go live on Friday and there was nothing I could do about that. I am sitting on my new sofa in my light-flooded new living room as I am typing this and feel like I’ve succeeded in at least one aspect of my life right now…


When Verena from Who is Mocca? and I thought about this month’s joint topic, we both wanted to talk about the ever-occuring discussion of success. What does success mean to me? What does it mean to you? Let’s grab a cup and chat!


According to the dictionary, success is defined as the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors, the accomplishment of one’s goals as well as the attainment of wealth, position, honors or the like. I always thought success is something that applies to achieving a short-term goal, not something you are entitled to for all and every aspect of your life. Still, people like to shout out that someone is overall successful. Period.


We clearly all define having success differently for ourselves and how it applies to our very own lives. Part of that depends on our different backgrounds and upbringing and the values we were taught along the way.


Personally, I always asked myself if I will ever have the feeling that I made it, that I finally succeeded in life. Coming from a family that complained about their jobs and never found passion in their work, I knew early on, that there has to be a different way. I didn’t want to feel trapped in a dead-end job and unhappy with my life.


Since blogging as a career took off, I was toying around with the idea to jump into being my own boss one day. To be happy with my work, my finances and my life is what success means to me. I try not to play the comparison game with other (professional) bloggers. It can be a very depressing feeling to not be as skilled and/or fortunate as others. I am glad I realized that early on, so I was able to shift my mindset. These days I mostly don’t really care about so-called life goals others defined for themselves. I respect others goals and dreams but I don’t have to agree with them or justify myself for going a different route.


As Verena pointed out, to always strive after being the best or better than someone else might make you lose yourself one day. I like my job and going to work every day, having my own office and assistant, I like many of my coworkers and associates and my boss is someone I look up to. I believe I am good at my job, I like the perks that come with it and I like to know when the next paycheck comes. Still, part of me would trade that any second for a life on the road, writing for a living.


The best thing about building your own life is to trust your gut, your inner voice and passion. What success means to me today, might change and adapt some time down the road and that’s okay. I think we should all listen more to ourselves and not give into the pressure what success is supposed to mean to us.


All in all, success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it! And if I get to experience this for the majority of my life, I am one lucky lady ♥



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  1. I’ve always seen success as achieving goals, both small and big, both right now and long-term goals. Mostly, I see success as achieving my biggest goal: becoming a published author, but ideally would also be successful ie making money from it as well. I can’t lie and say that doesn’t seem like a nice idea!

    1. It’s true. Success and being successful always relates to making a lot of money. I just didn’t want to focus on that part entirely since I believe that being successful should make you happy in the long run. Just having a lot of money won’t.