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Even the happiest week has come to an end. Did you dance your way happier, read yourself happier or even watched yourself happier this week?

Happiness and being happy is defined as different from person to person as the weather each day. To some it´s too warm, to some too windy…. there´s no such thing than the ultimate formula that fits all. That´s the exciting part of life, isn´t it?! To shape it the way you want it and enjoy it the most.

For the last post of this Happy Week experience I´d asked a few people what happiness means to them and what are those little things that make them feel happy and full in their lives.

“I feel happy and safe when I am with my husband on the couch drinking tea on weeknights. It´s the little things like he´s checking my cold feet and eventually gets up to get an extra pair.”

– my favorite barista Nina, 28

“Yesterday I found this Miles Davis record at a flea market which reminded me of a really great time in my youth which I spent with one of my oldest friends. I bought it and listened to it as soon as I got home. Needless to say, I called her and we chatted the night away. I don´t believe in a pure coincidence, so that made me extremely happy.”

– my co-worker Ros, 50

“Watching ´my´ kids taking the world by storm. Everything is exciting for them, they learn something new almost every minute a day. There´s nothing that makes me happier than knowing they´re happy and healthy.”

– teacher and blogger Amanda, 25

“Being healthy. Knowing you are healthy. Having a little garden to plant herbs and vegetables and getting my hands dirty. As simple as that.”

– my lovely aunt Hermine, 58

“Laughing until my belly hurts and tears of joy from anyone. The pure essence of witnessing someone being happy. Just that.”
– my friend Martin, 33

“Being healthy at my very old age and being able to take care of myself. Also I just welcomed my second great grandchild in this world. What else do I need?”

– my neighbor Mrs. Leopold, 92

What makes you happy?

There you have it. Not one of them talked about winning the lottery or going on a fancy trip. At the end of the day all that matters is that happiness comes from within and can´t be bought!
I really wish I could add something to that impressive list but is there really anything left to say? I doubt that. I´ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes though.

>> The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us.<<

– Ashley Montagu

Happy weekend everyone!

(Image by Sabino Aguad)


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  1. This is wonderful!! I love that happiness means something different to everyone! For me, happiness is enjoying the little things with the people I love — drinking coffee with a friend, laughing with my family, and sometimes reading a good book with a delicious drink!