Two Thousand Sixteen


Two Thousand Sixteen |

Ever since reading BEGIN AGAIN on Profresh Style, I wanted to share that image of hers when it fits me and my life. To me, it just exudes positivity and opportunity and today is the day, because of the new year, because of new chances, less bullsh*t, no more drama and all the possibilities…. 366 days blank pages awaiting our scribbles, laughter, adventure, mistakes, maybe a few tears, but most of all, growth.


I am not keen on making resolutions, I am not someone who is looking back for too long. I learned my lessons right there and then, I got up, braced myself and went on. So today is not about reflecting, it´s about moving forward, making foolish choices and being unapologetically me.


Two Thousand Sixteen |

To me, 2016 is another chance to work on myself, become more myself to grow into myself and to say more YES to my needs than to others and theirs. I want to try new food, listen to new music, see unknown places, experience new things. I want to experiment and find a lifestyle that works for me, in terms of being more active, weight loss and balanced health. I am tired of following just another fad diet and slaving away at workouts I do not enjoy.


This year is all about putting work in, but also about enjoying the little things and learning to be content with things as they are. My door is open for new people, new friendships, good gals, but closed for negative nellies and toxic behavior. Nope, those can´t sit with me…


Summed up, I want to EXPLORE all the things and never stop. Here´s to a clean slate, here´s to us!  Happy new year, bring it 2016 :)



What are your plans for this brand-new year?



(Image courtesy of Christina Topacio/Profresh Style; quote via Britta Nickel)




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  1. I want this year to be more about YES and taking chances too! I want to reach out to people more and have more fun! I also want to finish my two novels!

    1. So you´re my YES-buddy now :) I also want to say more NO to be honest, but to all the extra tasks that take away time from me.