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This Is For The Dreamers |

I set the timer for 2 AM and woke up almost jumping out of bed, totally ecstatic. I put my cozy robe on, made sure lil sis is sound asleep and tucked in and went on to the kitchen. Hot cacao and an early breakfast was on the agenda while setting the TV almost silent. There they were! Hollywood’s A-list and up-and-coming actors on the red carpet. The season’s finest.


It was March 21, 1999 when I first watched the Oscar’s – the 71st Academy Awards – live in front of my TV. All cuddled up on the couch with various cups of tea and hot cacao and Cinnamon Crunch to make it through the several hours. The Pre-Show, the actual Award Show and the interviews afterwards, I soaked it all up, all by myself while the family was still asleep. Around 5 AM the first ones got up to get ready for work. Looking at me, they just shook their head. I wasn’t bothered, I was in my own world. As soon as the clock hit 7.30 AM, I got dressed and went to school. That’s what I did ever since. Every year, in late February or early March…


I was just two month shy of my 17th birthday back then and I started to watch The Oscar’s live every year. It was the same procedure every year. Well, almost. Over time the hot cocoa was swapped for coffee, and there were grilled cheese sandwiches instead of Cinnamon Crunch, but that’s how it goes. Every year friends and family tried to convince me to actually tape the whole she-bang, but I never would. The excitement, the nerves, the tears and laughter was something I looked forward to year after year and that never changed!


The movies usually didn’t make it to the movie theatres here in Vienna until long after award season was over, but I tried my best to get as much information as I could beforehand. Nowadays, it’s so much easier, guys. But I liked that and it didn’t matter to me that no one really understood the thrill I was getting from it. And it still doesn’t.


“You’re such a dreamer!”, they would say, “always with your head in the clouds”, as if that’s a bad thing. 


I am very aware of the world around me and the hard times and hardships we all face, but to me, it never backfired to be a dreamer. Actually, it’s the one thing that kept me sane, when tragedy occurred.


So, I wasn’t suprised when many dubbed La La Land an unrealistic, not historically correct movie. The hate the nominations for the movie spewed is actually unheard of. Yes, it’s not a brutally epic piece and no war hero story either, but to me, La La Land is exactly the movie we need right now. It is for the dreamers, like me. For the ones who are about to lose hope and for those you think their dreams and secret goals are stupid or can never be achieved. I am here to remind you that they can and quite possibly will if you’re determined and let that noise not get to you.


This is for the dreamers | La La Land -

This world would be nothing without those who dream, who are convinced of finding their way even if it’s something others shake their heads in unison about. So hang in there!


La La Land is for the dreamers like you and me. And if you happen to watch the Oscar’s tonight (or early tomorrow morning) and witness, for once, a movie about hopeless dreamers to get all the attention and praise it so duly deserves, rest assured it’s also a victory for us. In movies, dreamers hardly ever get to have their happy ending or main story line. So if that happens once in a blue moon, it might as well be celebrated accordingly ♥



(Top image via Britta Nickel, movie poster courtesy of Lionsgate)




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  1. Oh ja, die Oscars live schauen. Das habe ich auch schon ein paar Mal gemacht, aber jetzt mit Kindern, wird der Tag danach einfach zu lang. Ich werde eine Aufzeichnung oder Zusammenfassung sehen und mich bei einigen Szenen wieder ärgern, dass ich es nicht live erlebt habe. Aber die Kinder werden größer und dann, ja dann schaue ich die Oskar wieder live!
    Dir ganz viel Spaß und ich drücke uns Träumern die Daumen.