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Things 10 Days Whole30 Taught Me | Spunkyrella.com

You know that I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s nearly 3 years ago and I lived okay with the meds but I never felt like I used to. There was no lasting energy and even though my mind was eager to make plans, my body just wasn’t able to follow suit and I always felt exhausted. Doctors told me that this is just what it is and I have to accept that new normal, but I knew I never would!


I grew especially suspicious when I compared my bi-monthly blood work results from the last year. My thyroid hormone levels were stable within the healthy range thanks to the meds, but my antibodies increased steadily. That couldn’t be normal, I thought! A little research on holistic solutions proved me right.


Turns out the molecular composition of the thyroid tissue is almost identical to that of gluten.


Which is a big deal! It means when you take your meds, your thyroid can’t be attacked by the antibodies anymore. But as long as you continue to consume gluten, the antibodies will attack other parts in your body causing severe inflammation and also open the gates for other auto-immune diseases like diabetes to come join the party. It’s kind of a case of mistaken identity and pure chaos!


So to me it was a no-brainer to cut out gluten for good. And because I like to challenge myself and take it up a notch, I decided to reset my body and cook from scratch and not fall for those gluten-free products that would only confuse my system. Thus on April 1st, I went Whole 30.


By Day 2, I was lying on the cold tiled bathroom floor trying to breathe through the throbbing pain.  My body was heavily detoxing and after popping a pill and sleeping til noon, it faded and was gone and suddenly I felt amazing. Just like that. The headache came and went for a few days but ever since I feel an abundance of energy I had never known before. I am almost two weeks in and since a few of you asked if it’s really that hard, here are a few things doing the Whole 30 taught me so far.


Things The Whole 30 Taught Me | Spunkyrella.com


What the Whole 30 Feels like

Allegedly this chart above shows the typical mindset throughout the Whole 30. From my experience this is only vaguely true. I’d say the first few days sucked and that’s the critical time where you need to be kind to yourself and just let your body adjust slowly. Ever since I am in the Tiger Blood phase. In my case that means much better sleep, no more joint pain or any pain in general (buh-bye migraines!), no feeling of fatigue after meals, no need for naps, an abundance of energy throughout the day and much more clarity overall. No more brain fog, no more whining! Do I bore you already?


Today is Day 13 for me and according to the chart I should be dreaming about junk food. Nope. Not the case! I am doing just fine without any of it. Of course I hope I won’t be eating my words by next week but for now, I enjoy this feeling while it lasts and take it day by day.


How the Whole 30 changes the daily routine

I am not going to lie, cooking everything from scratch definitely was a big adjustment, but I don’t want to continue relying on medication and still feel shitty for the rest of my life. This girl is going places and finally has the energy to do so! I ordered the Instant Pot IP-DUO60 which helped a lot with all the cooking and also saves me so much time. I like to have many things to choose from. Right now there are cut up veggies in my fridge, hard-boiled eggs, different kinds of greens, meat balls, egg foo young-ish patties, veggie chicken coconut curry and roasted potatoes. Once a grazer when it comes to food, I am now fine with having three meals a day and probably one snack and I like to mix and match different foods. That keeps it interesting and so far, I have never felt bored with my food choices, which is crucial.


How to prep for the whole 30

There’s a very supportive Whole 30 Facebook group, that I just love. When I was having my bathroom floor moment, they encouraged me and told me to hang in there and just go back to bed and it was amazingly reassuring and caring. All of the members are extremely dedicated and willing to help with recipe ideas or any other possible hurdles along the way. I loved reading It Starts With Food and ordered several cookbooks before I started. The internet is a great source of course. But I like to sit down twice a week and browse the pages on the hunt for new recipes to try. It keeps the whole change fun and I can also learn new skills in the kitchen. Win win!


Thanks to the tremendous change I can see in myself, I cannot encourage you enough to give the Whole 30 a try! It’s only 30 days! Let me know if you have any questions, I am happy to help when I can 



(Above a peek into my new kitchen! Chart via Whole30)




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  1. This sounds like so much work but also so fantastic!! I haven’t done Whole 30, but since cutting gluten from my diet I’ve felt SO MUCH BETTER!! It’s amazing!

    1. Writing this, I thought so too, but it all comes down to being prepped with the right food choices which isn’t so hard to be honest. That’s true. Try cutting dairy and soy as well and I can guarantee that will only increase!!