The National Library Vienna


Last month I finally went to The National Library in Vienna, or to be precise to the historical State Hall, Prunksaal in German, of said library. I remember snapping away with my new Canon, when I stopped to take a photo with my phone and messaged it to Nina – caption: Straight out of Disney´s Beauty and the Beast… and she agreed.

A little historical background: The Baroque State Hall was built in 1723 after Emperor Charles VI ordered its construction. I am especially enamored with the ceiling frescoes by court painter Daniel Gran who completed his work in 1730 after construction was finished by the famous court architect Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach and his son.

While soaking up the fabulous old-book-smell, I fantasized about all of you guys visiting Vienna for a day or two and where I would take you. What´s worth seeing and the places that are too touristy for my taste… I am sure we´d have a blast out and about in the city!

Anyways, I guess I am adding this hidden gem to my favorite places of this glorious city. Would you come to the State Hall?
(All images courtesy of Spunkyrella)

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