September Vibes




On Sundays I like to amp up my beauty sleep and treat my skin and hair to pampering masks, read through my Bloglovin´feed, get my Netflix fix (lately it´s Orange is the New Black and Kimmy Schmidt – thanks, Nina!), some good YouTube browsing and working on this very blog.

I am obviously not one of the planned out scheduled bloggers, because life is pretty hectic these days and I honestly don´t know how you super organized bloggers do it. Really, tell me! But I have come to terms with the fact that I am just not a daily blogging beast for now and that´s okay, too.



Yes, this rambling is going somewhere…. September. I don´t even want to start how this year flew by. I am excited for fall and for October since I am on vacation for a whole month!! I can´t believe it either. It´s going to be epic and there are a travel plans brewing, I don´t wanna spill just yet.

Since I don´t want to continue the former SBQL (Song, Book, Quote, Look) series, I thought about including my faves in The Monthly Note. Cool?



My current favorite look is actually my latest and also very first very own outfit shoot. Can you believe it?! To see it all in color, you have to come back next Tuesday, when the big reveal will be posted. I am happy with how it turned out but I am also extremely anxious about it. You´ll see why!



As for my latest read, take a look at the image above. I Am That GirlHow to speak your truth, discover your purpose and #bethatgirl by Alexis Jones is just all kinds of amazing. I actually want to get a few more copies and give it to all of my girlfriends to read! A must!



There´s an all new Sunday Mixtape brewing but since I was watching The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon earlier today, I am humming along to Justin Bieber´s latest track. It´s really catchy!



I want to end these random ramblings with a quote of I Am That Girl because that part really got to me:


“We need the adventure, all of the highs and lows, the unexpected heartbreaks, the ecstasy, the challenges, and the sweet, smooth sailing. Life is not about picking out the parts you like and leaving the rest, it´s learning to coexist with it all and choosing to see the beauty, the grace, and the hilarity while also experiencing the inevitable disappointment and failure…. I hope that within these pages, kernels of truth speak to your soul and add shimmer to your life. This book is a reminder that you matter, that what you think is important, what you say is powerful, and who you choose to be is sacred.” 



What have you been up to this month, so far?




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