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October Vibes | Spunkyrella.com

Last Saturday, before Nina headed to the airport, I made sure to treat her to proper brunch at Motto am Fluss. We were joined by lil sis and Corinna and of course told them everything about our trip and our time together. It was right then and there that it dawned on me, that after weeks of bitchin´ about the heat (I can´t be the only one!), fall was finally upon us.


October it is and we´re already two weeks in. Frankly, I feel like my grandma typing this, but this year really flew by so far, didn´t it?!


To me, precious time, like the week I spent with my sweet Nina, is waisted way too often when we´re in the daily grind juggling work, household, kids – summed up – life. I can only speak from personal experience but I am so bad at taking care of myself and just sit down and unwind. Can you relate? I am thinking about new ways to have me-time dates again and make them an at least monthly thing again. I will let you know how that goes…


For now, though, I want to fill you in on a few faves of mine right now, ´kay?


After I Am That Girl, there´s a new book I won´t shut up about. Nina was reading a few passages to me on the train and I couldn´t get it on my Kindle fast enough. It´s called What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding by Kristin Newman who is a writer for comedy tv shows, an avid traveler and a hilarious human being. As the title suggests, she spent most of her 20s and 30s traveling the world while her girl friends married and became mothers. It´s one of those books you can´t read fast enough, but then again catch yourself slowing down because you don´t want it to end. I´ll make sure to give you a full review, if I will ever make it to the last page :)


Since I am home for this month, which is so weird and honestly something I kind of struggle with, I cook more and therefore feel like I am eating healthier than usual which I can also feel in other aspects of my life. I am sleeping better and feel overall more energized. I am tweaking a few of the new-found recipes and will share them here soon.


The fresh mountain air during our trip, the walks and hikes and now better sleep and healthier food is also visible in my skin. I still have rough patches here and there but my face has an overall glow I definitely didn´t rock before and when I look in the mirror, a healthy more supple face is looking back. No complaining here! And ever since dipping more and more into the charcoal pool, my face feels cleaner and gets less oily during the day. Right now, I am using a travel-sized pack of Boscia´s Charcoal Trio and I am obsessed. The warming (!) cleanser might become my new fave!


When it comes to music, I recently rekindled my love for the Dixie Chicks. When their album Taking The Long Way launched in 2006, I listened on repeat and I sure know why. It´s such an amazing tracklist, relatable lyrics and impeccable tunes… it´s one of the very few tangible albums I treasure.


Especially the lyrics to the title song Taking the Long Way always resonated with me – here´s a quick passage.


“My friends from high school married their high school boyfriends, moved into houses in the same zip codes where their parents live but I could never follow.

I hit the highway in a pink RV with stars on the ceiling, lived like a gypsy, six strong hands on the steering wheel.

I´ve been a long time gone now. Maybe someday, someday I´m gonna settle down, but I´ve always found my way somehow by taking the long way, taking the long way around…”



Now you! What are your October Vibes so far?






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