The Feng Shui of Front Doors

The Feng Shui of Front Doors | The Menzini Files
The Feng Shui of Front Doors | The Menzini Files

In Feng Shui, the color of your front door is determined by the direction it faces. That’s because it dictates which element is the most dominant. By choosing the right color, you are able to balance the elements and invite good energy into your home. Who would have thought, right?! Welcome to the Feng Shui of front doors guide!

Get a compass and check your direction!

Go grab a compass and check the direction your front door is facing. Is it south, your element is fire, and therefore you should choose a warm color such as a bright red or fiery orange for the best energy balance. If it’s north, your element is metal/water, and blue, gray as well as black, and white are the best hues for you according to Feng Shui.
Choose green, brown, an earthy yellow tone, or light blues if your door faces east, as your element is wood. And for west-facing front doors, you want to go with white, pale yellow, light gray, and pale earth tones as this direction is concurrent with the metal/earth element.

The Feng Shui of Front Doors | The Menzini Files
The Feng Shui of Front Doors | The Menzini Files

What is your most dominant element?

My front door faces west and it’s white. Though I would rather go with a tomato red or bright yellow as a house owner, it turns out to be just what Feng Shui ordered.

Also, did you know the color of your choice might say something about you as the owner as well? Apparently, yellow and orange colored doors point towards a happy outgoing, and social neighbor, while red and purple doors are mostly the choice of opinionated and outspoken ones.

The Feng Shui of Front Doors | The Menzini Files

What’s your take on Feng Shui of front doors?

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  1. This is such a beautiful post! I wonder if this applies to our bland, horrific shade of red apartment door:) How much do I wish I had a new york city stoop with a door to paint yellow…

    1. Thank you Emily! Just check your direction, maybe yellow would be the right shade for you and show your landlord this post ;) Paint away, girl!