The Emblem Hotel Prague

Hotel Review: The Emblem Hotel Prague | The Menzini Files
Hotel Review: The Emblem Hotel Prague | The Menzini Files

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When you only have a weekend – or a mere 48 hours like me – to spend in Prague, you want your hotel to be within walking distance of everything but still located in a calmer area. I don’t really care for those noisy spots that lack a certain comfort even though their cheaper rates are convincing. The Emblem Hotel Prague ticks all of those boxes and more and made me drag out check-out time as long as I possibly could…

Hotel Review: The Emblem Hotel Prague | The Menzini Files
Hotel Review: The Emblem Hotel Prague | The Menzini Files
Hotel Review: The Emblem Hotel Prague | The Menzini Files
The Emblem Hotel in Prague | The Menzini Files
The Emblem Hotel Prague | The Menzini Files

A clean and modern ambiance, dark stone, mostly white and gray interior, a genuinely friendly staff, a breakfast that’s worth indulging in, plus a room that’s way too comfy to leave all day. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

The staff of The Emblem Hotel Prague made sure upon my arrival that I am well taken care of. I was given a tour right after checking in and my suitcase already greeted me when I entered my room. Everything works seamlessly at The Emblem, which surprised me since it’s something so many hotels try to achieve but fail at most of the time.

Also, I loved the bond and the way the staff treated each other. It’s a pet peeve of mine if I witness staff at a restaurant or hotel fight with each other or bash other coworkers in front of the guests. Since I worked as a waitress throughout college, I think that’s an absolute no-go, so I like to pay attention to the little things.

Hotel Review: The Emblem Hotel Prague | The Menzini Files
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It’s obvious how much the little things mean to me, followed closely by breakfast. You already know about my love for a good brunch and good food in general. Hotel breakfast buffets usually disappoint or at least do not seem to wow me in any way.

I actually looked forward to having breakfast at The Emblem Hotel Prague, since the buffet was stocked with the freshest fruit, homemade yogurt (even though I don’t do dairy these days, I was impressed), plus the best croissants (I had two every morning. So good!) and à la carte eggs that were on point. The coffee made this self-described java junkie one happy camper – A frothy soy latte, I couldn’t resist.

Last but not least, I always wanted to try out The White Company’s Noir line since I first spotted it in a beauty blog review but of course, it’s one of those brands you can’t get your hands on in Austria. I squeaked when I found the small bottles of the Noir shampoo, soap, shower gel, body lotion, and conditioner in the bathroom and gladly used them during my stay.  It’s such a great addition to the whole concept of The Emblem Hotel!

The only disappointing though minor point was that those fluffy white robes in the room would not fully fit me. I understand that I am on the heavier side but it would have been nice to be able to use a robe after a relaxing bath.

Still, it’s just a minor hassle and nothing that would throw me off from staying there again. Everything else worked out like a charm and that’s what makes experiencing The Emblem Hotel Prague experience so memorable. It’s easily one of the top hotels I ever stayed in.

Sadly, I didn’t get to book a massage at their own M Spa or enjoy drinks and a steak at the popular The George Prime Steak Restaurant but there will be a next time for sure when I will be less running around and more indulging in the view and The Emblem’s facilities.

At one point, unfortunately, I had to leave but knew right then and there that I will be back because when the staff knows your name by heart and assures you to be happy to have you back, you simply choose to believe them in anticipation of your next trip!

Hotel Review: The Emblem Hotel Prague | The Menzini Files

Thank you, The Emblem Hotel for having me!

*Disclosure: I was staying at The Emblem Hotel Prague for a discount on their usual prices in exchange for this hotel review post. Please keep in mind, I am talking about my experience in my own words. All photos are my own.


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