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The Best of Beauty -

With almost 600 posts under my belt, I thought I am raiding the Spunkyrella archives for a bit. There are posts that sure deserve to be in the spotlight once again. Today, I want to crawl down the beauty rabbit hole with you for the very first installment of The Best of Beauty. You in?


5 Days of Masks – Beautitox by Ms. Soho

Last year, for #29DaysOfBlogging, I silenced the inner grown-up and went rogue on all things online beauty shopping. Thank you, Instagram! I found Ms. Soho products thanks to my natural face mask obsession and took one for the time for the upcoming 5 days.  More here



4 Ways to flirt with charcoal right now

Oh, that’s a good one from way back. When charcoal became the new kale in beauty terms, I decided to put together a few products with charcoal products to try. I am still obsessed with charcoal toothpaste and a juice based on activated charcoal from time to time.  More here



soft winter hands in 3 tubes + one pot

Winter weather and rough skin obviously inspired me to share my favorite hand creams back in the day. I am still going strong with these, though one of them sadly was discontinued. Keep your hands soft and save with this best of beauty post!  More here



The Daily Face Product Roundup

Granted, this one was quite an extensive post and for many of you way too many products I used. I get that. My skin wasn’t the best back then and it took a little effort to look as natural but still flawless as possible. Oh, the struggle! I think it’s time for a more current update very soon, nevertheless it was a good one. Don’t you think?  More here



The Frank Body Lip Duo

I never thought a lip regimen can have me at hello, but this one is still in daily use. Believe it or not! The lip scrub is working it’s magic once a week and the lip balm is my favorite early morning choice. This one has to have another moment in the spotlight for sure!  More here




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