The 10 Minute Immune Boost


Immune Boost I

It´s December and winter is in full swing – at least in Vienna – and the first few coworkers are sneezing and coughing all day long. I am not fond of vitamin supplements, so what´s a girl to do?


Instead of the usual hot lemon drinks, I add anti-inflammatory spices like turmeric and cinnamon and honey for less tanginess. Hot lemon on steroids, if you will! Sounds good? Then get your elbow grease on and boost your immunity each day in only 10 minutes or less. Here´s how…


I like to squeeze half a lime, one large lemon, half a grapefruit and two oranges. Of course you can also peel them and use your juicer but I don´t mind the work and actually really enjoy it. I collect all the juice in my blender, add ground turmeric to my liking (half a teaspoon at least but usually it´s closer to one full teaspoon for me) and then honey – organic is best. If you have thyme on hand, also add that – I once splurged in a special throat honey mix that contains thyme, which is lovely. A pinch of cinnamon at last. Now blend.


Easy as that. Your immune system doesn´t know what to do other than jumping joyfully, fighting off whatever virus tried to manifest that day. So, enjoy your sunny yellow concoction sip by sip and have a sniffle-free winter for once!


And while you´re at it, remember the Vitamin C Kick that is seabuck thorn. So delish!



(Image courtesy of Linda Lomelino)




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  1. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather the past few days, so I’m going to try this tomorrow! It sounds delish!

    1. Sara, literally EVERYONE at work is sneezing and feeling sick one way or the other. My apartment looks like I´ve won the citrus lottery because I stocked up on the goods. I have it every day, sometimes twice – and so far, no sniffles!