Sweet Sixteen


Happy Birthday, little sis

I may sound like a broken record but I truly can´t believe you are 16 already (mainly because this means that I am officially twice your age in a mere couple of months. Oh boy!).
It feels like it was yesterday when you were teeny tiny and you couldn´t fall asleep unless you were doing so on my chest. Your tiny heart racing, finding it´s own rhythm next to mine…

Fast forward, almost sixteen years later, you´re this smart and fun and loving gorgeous young woman who´s taking life by its balls. You´ve never been afraid to take a risk. You always knew what you wanted, even as a little girl. I remember this hideous pants mom got you and just seconds after she dressed you, you managed to undress yourself and threw the pants after her. I can´t recall a moment you actually wore them, ever. You rocked blue nail polish on your toes just like Madonna´s daughter at that time and were the only 3 year old in flip flops as I recall. You were very demanding but in a confident way. You never ceased to amaze me. Especially when you started to teach yourself how to play the guitar because you had to wait a few months to work with the popular teacher in our neighborhood – and you were only 6 years old back then. You´re wise beyond your years and sometimes I truly wonder where you got that from. Nope, definitely not from me. I don´t even know what I´m doing most days.

I know you´ll make your way as I know the sky is blue and I know I don´t need to worry about you. Just one advice from your big sister on your special day, when you don´t mind: Enjoy your youth, little sis. Enjoy it to the fullest. You´ll grow up fast enough, you´ll learn what responsibility truly means and how confusing and stressful life turns out to be, much more so. Until then, enjoy the ride once in a while! Be a teenager, a girl, a kid. Because you know, you can be sure that I´ll be there whenever you might fall.

Happy happiest, little sis.

I love you.


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  1. This is a really sweet birthday letter to your lil’ sis. The happiest of birthdays to her!

    I admire that you told her to live her youth out to the fullest. It’s one of the things I constantly tell my brothers to do, and I wish I had listened to the same advice I was told many times before. There’s nothing like feeling young and free, when life was easy.

    Have a beautiful day. Martie!

    1. Thank you so much, Akshara!
      It´s just so true. I remember myself as a teenager. I couldn´t wait to be “finally grown-up” but I didn´t have an older sister to look after me and tell me it´s okay to still be a kid. I want that for her though!