Sunday Mixtape | 7


Sunday Mixtape 7

I know you´re eagerly awaiting a SUNDAY MIXTAPE filled with Christmas songs to sing along – and I promise it´s coming just in time – but for now and today, let´s focus on more winter-themed tunes.


Let´s properly welcome the season of snoods and gloves, hot chocolate and christmas cookies galore, ‘kay? I´ve been listening to those gems on rotate the last couple of days and in case of some, even for years. The ultimate winter duet, followed by Curly Sue herself (turns out, that girl´s got voice!), a guy named winter singing along, followed by some pretty catchy winter prayers until we´re coming full circle with one of my all time favorites: Mr. Nearly-Ally-McBeal covering Joni Mitchell´s River like no one else could.








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