Sunday Mixtape | 19 – The Maybaby Mix


Sunday Mixtape 19 |

With May flying by so fast, I never got to share my official MAYBABY MIX with you guys, which I am about to change right now. May always had a special place in my heart. Mainly because it’s my birthday month but also because May is perfect for starting over and new beginnings. It’s the last days of spring but also it already starts to smell like summer.


Here in Vienna we were graced with very summery weather as of late. And as for new beginnings, this year this sentiment couldn’t be more true for me. This new apartment and those whirlwind two weeks of moving and organizing everything, clearing out the old place, selling furniture, finding new one, deliveries, damaged goods and so on is basically what my May consisted of. I am not complaining though. Living here for already a week has been pure bliss! So, even though it’s technically already June, for this Sunday Mixtape let’s give it up for May one last time :)


I am off enjoying some beauty time and you lovelies press play! ♥









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