Sunday Mixtape | 15


Sunday Mixtape 15 |

Girls´Time is something that´s been forever on my agenda, but you know how it goes sometimes and in the end the idea of getting into bed before midnight and just chill out at home in my pj´s is just way to tempting.


Still, getting together with the girls all dolled up hitting the town, sounds fun. Especially the prep time before a night out, where we used to just sing along and dance and shimmy and having a blast getting in the mood. So let´s play around with the idea for now, with a Sunday Mixtape that´s perfect for exactly that…. maybe a plan for a girls´night out will follow soon?!


Sugar was just such a no-brainer to start this playlist with. It´s one of those tunes that instantly puts you in a good mood and gets you movin´along. Same with Say My Name and Lush Life that I couldn´t let go of once I got to listen to it. Such a catchy tune! Missy is back and I can´t even believe how grand her new video is but then again it´s really not surprising, she´s always been amazing – WTF was just an easy and fitting choice for a Girls´Night Out mixtape.


Flo Rida is the king of feel-good songs, I Don´t Like it, I Love It always makes me think of that awesome Sean Hayes lip-sync video. Pure fun! And then of course add Sia to the bunch and a tune like Wild Ones makes you ooohh and aahh for three minutes straight… Then the trinity of Little Mix, Jess Glynne and Demi Lovato with power anthems we belt out to, followed by a golden tune to shake and shimmy our bodies to before Heartbeat Song gets us into singing mode again before Where Are Ü Now makes for a marvelous ending of this mixtape. The lipstick´s on and we´re out the door, ready to hit the town….




(Image from Sex and the City via Levo)






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