Sunday Mixtape | 14


Sunday Mixtape 14 |

Coming back sure is the hardest part about an amazing week-long road trip! Since Nina left on Saturday, I feel in limbo about being so happy about our time together and that wonderful adventure and also feeling really sad it´s all over. How come it feels like a very long time ahead at the beginning but at the end it feels like the days went by in true “I dream of Jeannie”-blink mode?


That journey truly was just what the doctor ordered for me. After an exhausting time at the office, I couldn´t wait to finally get my vacation going on and starting it with a trip through Austria sure was the best decision in a long time.


Truth to be told, we didn´t really get to listen to a lot of music, but I was constantly humming or thinking of songs that would´ve fit certain encounters along the road. I´ll sure tell you more all about those with tons of photos soon, so brace yourself!



But first, press play :)



I can always count on Johnnyswim to find the perfect tune and Don´t let it get you down sure didn´t disappoint. My anthem on the road, if you will. Mamas Gun´s Red Cassette was discovered by watching and reading Lily Pebbles for quite some time now. Road trip tunes nailed! Send me on my way surely doesn’t need a lot of explanation. Which mixtape for traveler´s would be complete without it? The Wind and the Waves´ Remix album really is spot on and Ignition is save enough to bounce to during a car ride up and down the hills – say what?!

You sure know Nat Wolff from John Green movie fame as in The Fault in our Stars and Paper Towns and – one of my favorite movies – the 2012 Stuck in Love; but who knew he and his brother Alex have a great hand at folk pop as well? Just listen to Rules

Oh, the Places I´ll go truly is a gem on its own and Matt Nathanson´s all new Giants is making for the perfect follow-up on this very mixtape. Dreamy tunes united. New Shores and Death Cab´s Little Wanderer are carrying us through until we “land” in Vienna with Billy Joel. Beautiful. Stevie Wonder perfectly sums up my journey with my lovely Nina. Thanks for touring the home turf with me, girl! Can´t wait for the next trip to happen ….




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