Sunday Mixtape | 13


Sunday Mixtape 13 //

One of the things I missed most about 6 months off blogging was putting together my Sunday Mixtapes. It often starts with a song I can´t get out of my head and the rest really evolves around it. Then I listen to it multiple times if it makes sense and has its own flow in my opinion and then I turn to Canva and come up with the design for the tracklist. Which image fits the vibe? Which color captures the mood and works with the image? As I´m typing this, I am fully aware that this might sound like quite a lot of work but needless to say, I love that whole process!


And since it´s been a whole while, I am happy to bring you Sunday Mixtape 13 today. Tap, nod, sing and dance along whether you have to work, enjoy the glorious sun out, prep your meals for next week, give your humble abode a good clean, whatever floats your boat really. Enjoy!



Betty Who was on many of my setlists before but never quite made the cut. Today is the day though and Just like me is the perfect song to start this mixtape with. It is one of my current favorites and blends in nicely with the following Hidden, a bonus track from the latest Florence + The Machine album. Thanks to Claire, I fell head over heels for Beck´s Dreams which sets the mood for this music mix quite nicely. Robyn and The Weeknd are just meant to complete the bunch and Try remixed, works perfectly fine in their company. Unique and Radioactive we dance along until LOLO´s Comeback Queen brings us back home, when – at last – What do you mean? makes for a worthy ending of this sure too long absent blog feature. Repeat, maybe?!




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  1. I discover such great music thanks to you! I don’t think I’ve heard any of these songs and I’m so excited to listen to them all (except the Biebs!)

    1. Thanks girl! I try to keep it fresh and different! I would totally agree but this time he worked with Diplo and Skrillex and it´s totally awesome – give it a go!