Sunday Mixtape | 12


Sunday Mixtape 12

Sundays are perfect for being lazy, cuddling up on the sofa and binge watching a tv show favorite, don´t you think? Since I did have quite a few of them lately, I decided to spice things up and finally get my groove back and whipping that booty back in shape!


I will tell you all about my current condition, goals and workout routine (if being physically active without a clear plan can be called a routine) next week, but for today´s SUNDAY MIXTAPE I decided to shake things up a bit and take a break from my beloved borderline-emo-tunes for some serious sweat-inducing kick-ass tracks! You in?


Let´s start with a P!nk classic to warm up and belt it out like Ariana Grande in Break Free until it´s time for some Standing Abs (Thanks, Tracy!) and this Kelly Rowland tune that just fits with all the hip shaking and snake-like moves. Let´s have a quick breather courtesy of The Pussycat Dolls and Wait a Minute until we get the blood pumping again with Tightrope and its sick beat. Bang Bang followed by an almost classic duet plus good ole Nelly Furtado is taking it´s peak with a true Muse highlight and one of my workout faves since Step Up 3D, also known as Fancy Footwork by Chromeo. Madcon´s Beggin´ our sweaty selfs to pull through just a little longer until Uptown Funk finally brings us home.


And just like that a 45 minute workout flew by. That´s how it´s done :)





(Left image via Marc Desa)




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  1. Oh I cannot wait to listen to this during my next run! So many fantastic songs!
    Can I request a playlist of songs you’d have a solo dance party to? Or maybe it’s you and your bestie having a girls night. :)

    1. Funny you brought that up! I was actually thinking about doing a Girls Night Out playlist. We´ll see :)