Sunday Mixtape | 10


Sunday Mixtape10

While recovering from the flu and making plans for the new month ahead, I suddenly realized that my favorite tunes these days all have one thing in common: British musicians and masterminds.


Moreover it dawned on me that it´s been pretty much exactly ten years ago since I graduated with plans to go to London. I applied at several universities and was accepted by almost all of them. Then life had other plans and I was boarding a plane to New York City instead. But that´s another story. Yes, almost ten years went by – and coincidentally this is SUNDAY MIXTAPE #10 – which makes me want to pay a visit to London soon….. but first, music.


So, without further ado, I give you the current chart breaker that is James Bay, followed by a rather fierce musical statement. A bit of Ed Sheeran thrown into the mix never hurt nobody, especially when backed up by a special lady praising her hometown! Jessie J won´t stop reminding us who we are, the guys from Bloc Party know how to use the drums while Keane keeps it mellow with their oldie but goodie… That´s when Mika gets his turn before handing it over to Sir Elton John, who clearly can´t be missed when focusing on British music galore. And finally, Florence + The Machine are here to assure us that the Dog Days Are Over. Really? Really! Sigh :)




(Left image via DaisyPetals)


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