Stay on your own mat.


Recently I browsed the May issue of Glamour magazine to find an article about 30 things to know when you are 30. How fun, I thought.

I came across a quote by the gorgeous Portia de Rossi that stuck with me:

“You know when you´re in yoga and you´re thinking, How come she can hold that pose? Well, my friend has a saying: “Stay on your own mat.” Not physically, but mentally. We´re all made differently: our families, our frames, our talents. Appreciate how you were made, and stay on your own mat. That´s were happiness lies.”

Beautiful isn´t it?!

Before I started my 7 Day of Bikram Yoga Challenge I was fidgeting – physically and mentally – about stuff, about my outfit, about my bodyshape, about me being a newbie and if I would actually manage to stay in the heat for 90 minutes….

So when I got into the hot room I simply focused on myself and to stay on my own mat. It wasn´t easy but I made it through. The trainer claimed that I am a natural :)

There was no competition going on. Different women, different ages, body sizes and shapes. Pros and newbies. It was all good.

And I was thinking about that quote. How easy life could be if we all manage to stay on our own mats…

**Side note: I love putting together those little visual board inspired collages. So in this case I want to get through my challenge with grace and I am looking forward to read Portia de Rossi´s book and surround myself with beautiful things – like flowers – and because I am a little over lemon water right now, I love to find other options like this pink grapefruit and cucumber one above :)


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  1. Martie, this is a very timely quote for me for very many reasons. And I loved Portia’s book, it’s heart breaking and very dark at times, but I loved it.