Soft Winter Hands in three Tubes + a Pot



When it comes to beauty products, I have two clear obsessions: eye creams and hand creams. I am quite picky in a way that I like organic skincare and no artificial scented products. Once in a while there comes one product along that I find myself repurchasing again and again. While summer can be weird in the hand cream department – I mean who wants to feel even more sticky during those hot and humid days? – I do have my trusty favorites for the cooler months. Soft winter hands guaranteed.




I received this creamy wonder when I purchased their fig shower gel, which I was obsessed with for last season, and was quickly hooked. That pure herbal honey whiff is amazing! The texture is rather thick and nothing I would put on during the day when I am eagerly waiting for it to be absorbed. It does works amazingly well though at night just in time for getting my beauty sleep on.



The reason I bought this one was simply because the Rose of Jericho is a main ingredient. It made me think of my late grandmother, who loved these. Turns out, it was a great impulse-buy. The smell is fresh and not overly sweet at all. It absorbs quickly which is perfect for the office and it feels almost like it puts a veil over my skin in a totally non-creepy way. It’s still a cream, but very light once warmed in your hands. Think of it like a gel-like texture that leaves no sticky fingers. Total winner for quick moisturizing stops during the day!



I know this brand is some kind of foreign to a lot of people. Even if you’ve never been to a shop, you’d probably heard of their all-time bestseller. It’s the thickest cream of their range but softens up nicely when rubbed in. Again, I would use this at home at night and not when I need to type on the phone or keyboard right away. As the texture suggests, it takes some time to really sink in. There’s no added perfume or scent whatsoever. It’s kind of bland actually, but truly works it’s magic during rough winter weather and even on my always-cold feet covered in two pairs of socks :)



I guess this list wouldn’t be complete without featuring my Lush obsession. This gem truly is worth mentioning though! I am currently using it all-day on the weekends. I looked up the ingredients as I absolutely love the soothing scent but couldn’t define what it’s made of. Turns out, this light pink concoction consists mainly of cocoa butter and chamomile. An unexpected but charming duo, I can’t get my hands off (pun totally intended :)



What’s your favorite right now?



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  1. I love KORRES products and all Lush goodies always smell so beautiful. Lately, I’ve been using coconut oil with eucalyptus essential oil as body and hands lotion since my skin is so dry in this weather. Happy Wednesday, darling.

    1. That´s true, Korres has a few lovely products in their range. I am an absolute Lush convert :) That sounds interesting, I am a little bit sensitive to eucalyptus essential oil but it might work with other essential oils as well. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I’m using Arbonne’s hand cream now and it is pretty great. It has a super light scent (not sure what it is) and it’s great for the office. I will have to keep the Lush one in mind for when this is used up.

    1. Nina, I never used Arbonne products before but I love trying out hand creams. Helping Hands sure is a nice staple to have. Try to get a sample, next time you come across a Lush nearby!