Small Changes Will Lead to Great Things



Happy New Year! What have you been up to?


Ever since I started this very blog in April 2011 many things have changed, but one blog post that accompanied us through the years was THE HOLSTEE MANIFESTO on January 1st every year.


And for a good reason – because it´s simple yet point on and just fabulous as a constant reminder. LAST YEAR I shared my thoughts and goals for 2014 with you and now I catch myself frowning while I am typing this. The thing is I am not a big resolution girl. I don´t like when people vow to quit smoking or like to drop 40 pounds and declare huge lifestyle changes like that publicly and then, only a few minutes later, the next cigarette is lit and the third cake with frosting is entering the mouth.


The whiff of promise and hope in the air that´s crisp and fresh and oh-so-sweet, especially on a day like today is messing with peoples heads. I like to keep it small but simple, gain confidence for the greater things to come! Fool-proof technique, I am telling you.


Of course there are tons of things I would like to change/start/get better at in general but the lack of not following through (dammit, I have a quite a habit doing this) and getting caught by you sneaky bunch always holds me back from oversharing on this very space. I learned early that I am a step by step girl, so let´s start right in the beginning, in true Holstee Manifesto fashion


This is your life. Do what you love and do it often. If you don´t like something, change it!



I wanted to change one thing for quite some time and that´s to share more of my personal real life side with you guys. That includes (more) photos and glimpses into my real life, maybe vlogs some time down the road but most importantly to not separate the real me from the blogging me anymore.


I created Martie because a lot of my US friends struggled with Martina and it kind of sticked then. I still like that nickname but no one in my real life calls me Martie and since I started being a lot more outspoken about my blog and even attended a blogger conference right here in Vienna where I met local bloggers, it´s getting confusing. So as of today I changed my social media handles to my real name.


My name is Martina, feel free to call me Martie, too! Nice to meet you :)



Are you a big resolution person or like to take small changes first?



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