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One of my goals this month is to FEEL BETTER. To me, the foundation of wellness and overall health is sleep. I used to be a great sleeper, never experienced nightmares or any fussiness. However that changed over the last few years for various reasons. My above neighbors like to engage in stomping and arguing at 1 AM almost daily, also due to my thyroid problems, plus I often feel all riled up and unable to calm down and last but not least I sometimes go through my day or the plans and to-do´s for the next one in my head and just can´t relax. Sounds familiar?


That´s when I came across my MAGIC SLEEPING OIL. My friend Christina – who left the corporate world after she had her son, and turned to learn more about natural remedies, holistic medicine and massage therapy which led her to founding her own company, DIE SCHNUPPEREI – got me hooked on her very own concoction which she swears by.


It´s  jojoba oil infused with essential oils like rose, vanilla and mandarine. Especially essential mandarine oil is known as natural sedative and it´s relaxing and nerve calming benefits.


Each night, already in bed, I put a small amount in my balm and rub it gently all over the sole (!) of my feet and then massage the whole foot up to the ankles. It sinks in quickly and releases it´s holistic magic right after. The divine smell is just the icing on the cake. Through the nerves in my feet (think foot reflexology), I feel immediately relaxed and start feeling sleepy even if I decided to read a few pages before shut-eye. I usually don´t make it.


In the morning I feel well rested and have more energy. Less nightmares and worries and joint pain that comes with my thyroid condition.


Win win!


Now if only the neighbors would care enough to shut it…


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  1. Wow! I really have to check this out. My neighbor parties at least twice a month and screams through his apartment till 3 or 4 in the moning. It freaks me out, because it’s not loud enough to call the police but loud enough annoying me. So this subtle bass finds its way to my brain and gets me aggressive. Everytime.

    So it sounds like a good solution to calm down and find inner peace. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Greats, weltenbewegerin

    1. Here in Vienna there is actually a law that´s supposed to make sure no one parties loudly after 10PM to respect other neighbors privacy but there´s only so much the police can do. Moving out is on my agenda, until then earplugs and the magic oil must do :)

        1. For some peace of mind, it is. It´s not that easy to find great affordable apartments though, but I am on it :)

  2. I’ve always been a horrible sleeper, which is mostly due to the fact that I’m a really, really, really light sleeper. Like I can hear people walking on the carpet or a bathroom door open in another room. It’s annoying. And I find it hard to go back to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night. I definitely want to get that sleeping oil now! Thanks for the tip! :)

    1. Sara, I can totally relate! My neighbors are crazy and the oil helps to calm down but to block out noise, I have to use earplugs. Usually those two things paired, do the trick :)