Shakshuka Brunch At Neni’s Am Naschmarkt

Brunch at Neni's am Naschmarkt | The Menzini Files
Brunch at Neni's am Naschmarkt | The Menzini Files

The first restaurant we ever enjoyed brunch at was Neni’s am Naschmarkt. This is where the BrunchQueens were born if you will. It started my obsession with shakshuka and having regular brunch dates with my sister.

If you live in Vienna or visited typical must-see spots, I am sure Naschmarkt is familiar to you. It’s an all-year farmer’s market in the heart of the city that includes small restaurants for brunch or dinner with international cuisine. You find fish and seafood, sushi, burgers, Indian food, pasta, and Israeli cuisine, the latter one at Neni’s.

Weekends are usually busy there and getting a table needs a dose of luck since you can’t book one, but we usually arrive around 10 AM and always got lucky to sit outside and enjoy our food. My sister and I always go for their signature shakshuka dish – an Israeli egg dish with tomatoes and peppers with herbs and spices – that’s to die for, served with pita bread and usually tea or their homemade iced tea. I wanted to ask which coffee they serve, and always forget, but sadly it’s not for me, so I usually get one after.

Brunch at Neni's am Naschmarkt | The Menzini Files
Brunch at Neni's am Naschmarkt | The Menzini Files

Neni’s is a family business – the name derives from the names of chef Haya Molcho’s four sons – and has since expanded massively within Vienna and all over Europe, including their own products for your meals at home and cookbooks. Their shakshuka though was always my thing. Over the years, I taught myself to make my own at home but I still like to go back to the roots from time to time.

Neni’s am Naschmarkt Menu

The menu at Neni’s is not too big but offers variety (also for vegans). I never ordered anything other than Shakshuka but the people I went with raved about their pancakes and oriental breakfast plate. If only their coffee would add up…

Have you had Brunch at Neni’s am Naschmarkt yet?

Update 2022

This summer, for the first time after the pandemic, we decided to go back for Saturday brunch. I was so excited to introduce my boyfriend to Neni’s but ended up disappointed. I didn’t even take pictures. My shakshuka wasn’t the quality I was used to and it also seemed like they downsized the portions from the look of it. The pita wasn’t fluffy but stale and my sister’s smoked salmon smelled weirdly fishy instead of having that typical fresh smell. Maybe they had an off day or we just had bad luck but it was a rather disheartening experience.


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