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A brand-new month, a brand-new SBQL! This week I was all about getting back on track health wise. I got a full check-up and blood work done and I am about to set some manageable goals for my health, body and mind – but more about that next week. This month´s SBQL is all about being active, healthy and happy and that´s something I can sign up for. What about you?



I love everything about HEALTHY IS THE NEW SKINNY and I already decided to get one of those shirts some time down the road! Their manifesto reads We are exposing the harmful media messaging and beauty ideal keeping girls small. Together we can model healthy body image, love, kindness, and truth. Speak Up + Rise Up + Set Your Soul Free!


And that´s something I can definitely sign up for!




My second ally on my way to better health is this overly helpful book called DARM MIT CHARME. It´s German for Charming Colon and as far as I know the release of the English version is close and will be called Charming Bowels (for whatever reason). German student Giulia Enders came across that subject just because the lack of information that´s out there about our colon system and the fact of how little we know about our own digestion. A neglected colon could cause depression, hormonal imbalances and is often the root of many diseases so to speak. Who would have thought?


I also liked reading this article by The Guardian called GUT REACTION about the whole debate sparked by one book.




Right now, there´s really no way around Mark Ronson´s UPTOWN FUNK or is there? I don´t know about you but whenever it´s on I can´t stop wiggle and move along :) If you like a good workout playlist, stay tuned for tomorrow´s SUNDAY MIXTAPE – it´s all about getting your sweat on! Dance, jump on it. If you´re sexy, than flaunt it….




BEING COMFORTABLE DOESN´T CHANGE ANYTHING! – that´s what personal trainer Angela is telling Chelsea in the midst of their very first workout together and a quote that sticks with them for the whole journey.


Wait! You haven´t watched MTV´s CHELSEA SETTLES? It´s a reality tv show about a girl – Chelsea Settles – and her journey to health and major weight loss but also through pain, hardships and growing as a woman. It´s beautiful. Chelsea´s the kind of girl you want to be friends with. She´s bubbly and witty and such a great friend. Even though she was overweight, she moved to L.A. to pursue her dream career in fashion and didn´t accept `No´for an answer. Yes, she´s basically a rock star!


If you´re located in the US, you´re in luck because you can stream all 13 episodes on the MTV website – here. I have yet to find a way to watch the full episodes from Europe but MTV Australia features a collection of the best scenes, open worldwide – here.



Now jump over to see NINA´s PICKS and tell us, what´s your SBQL this month!




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