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First Friday of the month it is and you know what´s up! Time for another round of SBQL and this one might be my favorite or do I say so every month? Seriously, a long time girl crush of mine just released some new tunes, I am totally infatuated with a blogger and her style, plus sometimes – only sometimes – it´s worth judging a book by it´s cover, like I did, and now I am in the middle of one of the best reads since Gone Girl. Say what?!






If you have ever crossed Allison´s blog CURVY GIRL CHIC, chances are you you couldn´t stop browsing her amazing looks. Especially this one above is a clear fave of mine right now. Flowy fabrics, amazing shoes, black leather and florals thrown into the mix. Done. Thank you, Allison :)



Karen Joy Fowler´s WE ARE COMPLETELY BESIDE OURSELVES has one of those book covers that just gets you. I couldn´t look away, read the compelling story line, and was hooked only a few pages in. There are quite a few twists and turns, so I don´t want to give anything away but if you´re up for some juicy moments and clever story telling. Grab those 337 pages and thank me later!



I don´t know about you but I love me some DIANA KRALL and her latest album Wallflower was a long time in the making. Catchy duets (I also love me some Bublé :), amazing cover songs and just her voice that takes you from track to track… sigh. There is no one quite like her. Still, if you only want to listen to one song, make it I´M NOT IN LOVE. You won´t regret it. How could you?



I often struggle because I am so damn inpatient. If I want something, I want it NOW or better two hours ago. Lately I realized though, that sometimes we´re not ready for what we want so badly. WE ATTRACT WHAT WE´RE READY FOR couldn´t ring more true. Can you relate?





Now jump over to see NINA´s PICKS and tell us, what is your SBQL this month?!





// SBQL is an original blog series by Jenna McQuinn. We gather here monthly to keep the SBQL spirit alive. //





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  1. Now I have a fab new blog to read, a great book to add to my ever growing TBR list, new songs to listen to on Spotify. And that quote – SPOT ON!

  2. Oh, loving this! Definitely checking out Diana Krall and I absolutely relate to the quote, so nice. Wishing you a great Monday :)