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Welcome to this month´s SBQL! I can´t believe it´s the last one already, eeeks! So before we all bundle up and head out to browse through yet another Christmas market and nibble on roasted chestnuts, let´s look at my December picks, shall we?



LIVING AFTER MIDNITE was one of the very first blogs I started to follow when I got into blogging. I really don´t know why I never featured Jackie´s impeccable style before, but today I totally make up for it. This look on DRESSING FOR THE HOLIDAYS just stole my heart. The simple, flowy black dress with lace sleeves paired with fun shoes to give it a twist from looking too formal is a winner in my book. As fun as sequins in gold and silver can be at this time of the year, I like her approach to still keep it casual but put together nonetheless. Thumbs up!



Benjamin Anastas´ TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE is next on my reading list. The reviews sound kind of promising: “Charged with rage and despair, humor and hope, this unforgettable book is about losing one´s way and finding it again, and the redemptive power of art.” Also I don´t read too many books written from a guys perspective, so that one might be nice for a change and comes in quite handy just in time for the holidays!


DAUGHTER is a band I just recently discovered while I was working on a brand-new SUNDAY MIXTAPE (stay tuned for this Sunday!). Especially their song WINTER has this airy beautiful feel to it, just what I´d like to listen to on early Sunday mornings. I find myself looking for those light and beautiful melodies lately filled with an amazing voice – think Banks, Wye Oak, Imogen Heap and now, Daughter. Sigh.


How true, don´t you think? MATURING IS REALIZING HOW MANY THINGS DON´T REQUIRE YOUR COMMENT. Lately I find myself in all kind of situations that usually would lead me to rush in with a piece of my mind, but I don´t.

It was a major step for me which happened unconsciously, really, to realize that I just don´t have to comment and just let it go. A huge part of growing up and maturing in your own right consists of just that, don´t you agree?


Now jump over to read NINA´s PICKS and tell us, what is your SBQL this month?

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