Relaxing Rosemary Green Tea Milk



Last night, I was recovering from the root canal I had a few hours before. Fun times! I felt a bit hungry but didn’t feel like chewing for the obvious reason. I was looking for something comforting that would help me relax. Of course I was thinking about my all-time favorite CACAO ANDALÙZ, but when I spotted a neglected little sprig of rosemary in my fridge, I suddenly knew which route to go.


This summer I came across Golubka’s Kitchen and her recipe for Rosemary Green Tea Milkshake which I loved and totally forgot to share with you. Looking at that little sprig, I thought I’ll tweak the original recipe and come up with a hot winter version to enjoy.


The How-To

I used around 300ml of soy milk and a big dollop of full fat coconut milk. I used a small pot to heat it all up (not boil!) and added my sad little rosemary sprig. I massaged it a bit before adding it to the pot, to release its soothing scent and essential oils. While the milk lightly simmered, I added a dash of cinnamon and half a teaspoon of Matcha powder. I didn’t have vanilla beans on hand as the original recipe suggests, so I used pure vanilla extract instead. I removed the pan from the oven and added a generous tablespoon of Maca powder to add a hint of caramel flavor and create a slightly thicker texture. Then I waited for everything to cool down a bit. Done!


It’s a truly magical concoction, soothing and definitely suited for those days. Try it yourself. You don’t have to endure a root canal before to pour yourself a cup or two. Promised :)




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    1. Thanks Sara! It did but surely was no walk in the park. Lots of soup and my relaxing concoction really helped.