My Favorite Planners for 2015



On Sunday, I finally ordered my planner for 2015. This wasn´t an easy task for me to do and didn´t go down without weeks months of careful research around the web.


I am a tech-geek but when it comes to planning my life, I do like to take a pen and actually write my ideas and appointments down to paper instead of touching a phone screen. To me it adds some real-ness to anything I might have planned.


I used many different paper planners from different brands all over the world. For this year, I had my ERIN CONDREN LIFE PLANNER which I designed myself by including photos and quotes that are meaningful to me. As much as I enjoyed looking at it, I also quickly realized that it´s just too big for my day-to-day life and I actually left it at home most of the time since I couldn´t be bothered to carry it around in my purse. Also it´s a great planner for really busy people who are into scrap-booking and love to be creative that way. I actually can´t be bothered to add a sticker to every happening or color-code special events. Just not my style.


So, I was looking for a new one to rock my world. I knew I wanted a paper planner that has enough space to write on but one that´s not too bulky. First, I came across LILLY PULITZER AGENDA´s (thanks, Nina!) and while the colorful covers and nice layout just nailed what I was looking for, I was opposed to the 18-month-only option. Instead, I prefer to use a planner from January to December and make it a whole year.


Some more browsing quickly led me to KIKKI.K´s LILAC LEATHER PLANNER which I fell head-over-heels with. Again, a great layout and a simple color palette in white, black, gold and lavender. Part of me liked the idea that the actual planner will accompany me for many years if I just refill the paper goods inside; on the other side I do fancy myself a new design for the new year and might grow tired of that lavender hue quickly (I know I will).


Last but not least, I found the DESIGN LOVE PLANNER by Marissa Cristina which got this modern, feminine and sophisticated feel to it. The simple black and white cover and beautifully designed layout got me hooked! I love the touch of pink here and there and the extra space to define my personal goal of the month. Needless to say, I just ordered it and can´t wait prepping it for the new year and finally get to use it in 2015. Yay, me :)


Now you: What is your favorite planner or are you still on the hunt for the one? Please share!




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  1. I haven’t had a planner since high school, but these are making me want to change my mind. The design love planner is my fav!


    1. Mili, there are so many great ones, it was really hard to choose! Still, I am psyched and can´t wait to get mine soon:)