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On my way | Spunkyrella.comOn my way | Spunkyrella.com
I just left the Innsbruck train station as I’m typing this and will arrive in Bregenz in about 3 hours…


Let me start from the beginning. When Nina told me she planned on running the 3 Länder Marathon in Bregenz, earlier this year, it was obvious to both of us that a visit to Vienna has to happen as well.


A little preface: Austria sure is a small country, with its capitol Vienna in the far east, and Vorarlberg and its capitol Bregenz in the West. It takes around 6 hours and 40 minutes by train to get from one point to the other.
So, I didn’t want her to run and then come to Vienna by herself, so we planned a little adventure around it, a road trip if you will sans car – a rail trip? Have road, will travel – by train!


So here I am, typing away on my phone as I’m heading to Bregenz, to officially welcome Nina at the finish line, spend a night in Bregenz before we head off to Salzburg for a bit and then come to Vienna. I’m so excited about this girl’s trip, you have no idea!


But there’s a twist, an unknown factor if you will: Nina and I never met! Yes, you read that right, we never met in person before, so that could turn out to be the worst idea ever or the most perfect thing that could’ve ever happened. We both hope for the latter, of course.


We met around 3.5 years ago, I guess, when I accidentally stumbled upon her former blog run (dance) love. We hit it right off, she guest posted over here the Running 101 series and we emailed and texted every day ever since!
So of course it feels like meeting with my friend whom I haven’t seen in a while but of course I have those moments where I’m totally lost and anxious about us not getting along or not liking each other when our conversations significantly lack the existence of our favorite emojis…


All in all though, I’m just really psyched and can’t wait to show you more about our adventures! I’m not sure if I get to blog the upcoming week, but make sure to follow on Instagram and Facebook for photos of two lost girls in nature and other shenanigans :)



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