November Vibes


November Vibes |

Oh boy, November flew by! Are you reading this just slowly recovering from Black Friday or did you nearly miss it, like me?


I can´t believe it´s nearly two months already that I went on that road trip with my lovely Nina. Yes, I am still not over it! So what have I been up to since it´s been somewhat silent around these parts….


Well, work! And as much as I hate people who are only working and have busy as their second name. This month at the office has been cruel to say the least. Spending day in day out dealing with a ton of stuff, glaring into two large screens, I am happy to give my eyes some rest once I am home. I was constantly blogging in my mind though, I am not kidding! Finding some kind of balance is….. well, it will take some time.


For now, let´s talk about my November faves. Deal?


After being all over I Am That Girl in September and What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding in October, this month started quite slowly but then I came across Strong Looks Better Naked by Khloé Kardashian and read it in just a couple of days. Khloé has always been my favorite (and yes I´ve been totally Keeping up with the Kardashians and Jenners) since she´s so very blunt and outspoken and I loved to recognize that in her book as well.


I read a review somewhere claiming it´s a book about nothing which I found way harsh, but well, to each their own.


It´s not so much a diet or health book as it deals mostly with her growth and drama in her life but also how exercise and eating cleaner helped her maintain her sanity.  A point of view I can´t really get out of my head since reading…


Last month I hinted at eating cleaner and while it was sometimes a struggle to maintain a mostly home-cooked menu during crazy times at work, I did my best. A staple in my routine is my home-made granola, I bake in batches. I will share the recipe soon with you guys. Spoiler: It´s addictive!


Speaking of going cleaner, I also changed my skincare routine and hair products and can´t wait to share a more in-depth look about my experience and changes over all.


Though winter is in full swing around these parts, I love to follow the looks of my favorite L.A. fashion bloggers and GabiFresh delivers as usual. This blue dress is just amazingly gorgeous – and those disco platforms! – my definite look of the month!


When it comes to music, of course November was the month of Adele. Who´s not into 25?! So far her 2016 Europe tour doesn´t include Austria, but one can hope. Also I am since on the fence about traveling to see The Dixie Chicks next year. The problems of a music afficionado :)


But despite everyone´s crying along to Hello, I found another gem and it´s name is Jess Glynne. Especially Don´t Be So Hard On Yourself is on rotate these days…


“Let´s go back to simplicity, I feel like I´ve been missing me. Was not who I´m supposed t be, I felt this darkness over me. We all get there eventually. I never knew where I belonged. But I was right and you were wrong, been telling myself all along: Don´t be so hard on yourself, no. Learn to forgive, learn to let go. Everyone trips, everyone falls. So don´t be so hard on yourself, no.”



Bring it, December!




What are your November Vibes?





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