Non-Tacky Festive Nails



Red, gold or silver with glitter? I am usually not into nail art, but I was looking for some non-tacky festive Christmas nails for the holidays. By looking for some nail art inspiration that’s both simple and festive and a true understatement, I came across this lovely image above. You should know, I am actually pretty fuss-free when it comes to my nails. I have no talent to show off complicated nail designs and I am not a fan of those popular fake nails. But beware of browsing Pinterest. I actually cringed several times while looking through the pins on nail art. Why do some designs go overboard on everything?


An easy-peasy tutorial for non-tacky festive christmas nails

Usually I am not even patient enough to let the polish dry properly which ends in a mess or in me skipping nail polish altogether, but looking at those simple non-tacky festive nails above may encourage me to try once more for the holidays. LULU´s MANI MONDAY is worth looking at. She has many great ideas and easy peasy tutorials for newbies and pros alike. It may even convert a clumsy undecided person like me and that is saying something!


Thoughts?  Check out the full tutorial here if you like.



(Image via Lulu´s)



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