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New Ink -

Birthday week had me all wrapped up in its arms and I enjoyed every last bit! The perfect highlight to weeklong celebrations came this Tuesday, when lil sis and I finally got inked. The new ink – as we refer to our matching tattoos lovingly – was years in the making and then it happened just within a few days. That’s how life works sometimes…


At first we’ve been all about arrows and triangles and while we agreed that it doesn’t have to be the exact same tattoo, we also didn’t want to drift too far apart. We never ended up with the right fit though and postponed a possible date again and again. I mean, it is permanent after all, so it’s a decision we both didn’t take lightly. This year, we both realized a minimal black eye tattoo would be perfect for us. I wanted it to look simple but feminine and Stevie suggested those lines around the iris for a more unique twist.


You know how much I love my sister. Even though we’re 16 years apart, we have a very close and special bond and felt like showing that through ink. I shared the whole story and the personal meaning on Instagram if you’d like to see. I am happy with the placement on the back of my leg just above the ankle joint. It makes swooning at it a bit harder that way, since I have to bend like a pretzel, but I truly love it. If you’re wondering, mine is placed on the back of my right ankle and lil sis’ went for her left one. So yes, walking next to each other with bare ankles during the last few days, was fun :)



Sisters by blood, sisters in ink




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