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It’s wild to know that I’ve been living in the new place for almost a year already! It surely wasn’t an easy one with all the renovations still going on for most of the time. Since the last coat of paint finally dried literally two weeks ago and I got to hang some art in the hallway (more on that soon), I am eager to start planning an all new bedroom.


New Bedroom Inspiration |

Before moving, I planned on getting a bulky boxspring bed for the new place but ended up not loving one of the many ones I looked at. And when it comes to my bed, only liking it won’t cut it. I really need to love the bed. I want it sturdy but not bulky and comfy of course and the design to be timeless. A dark suede headboard sounds luxe and looks very chic, but I am sure I’ll grow out quickly. I am a picky one, that’s for sure.



I think of timeless when it comes to the new bed and know a sturdy wooden bed will be the best investment right now. Maybe antique oak wood or even mango wood, we’ll see. As soon as I beat that flu, I plan on visiting a showroom here in Vienna that features high quality beds tailored to your own needs. I hope that I finally find my dream bed there! Wish me luck.



When you are in my apartment, you have two sides. One side is darker in the mornings and sunnier in the afternoon and that’s where the entrance, hallway, bathroom and kitchen are. The kitchen and bathroom have French doors that lead to the terrace/patio space. The other side is where the living room and bedroom are located with ceilings almost 5m high and a complete window wall with 8 windows (4 by 4). The space used to be a gallery before. So, when I say bright, I really mean it. Before I had shades installed, I couldn’t sleep without a sleeping mask because it felt like I am in the midst of a brightly lit stadium, that’s how bright it really is!


As much as I love the light-flooded apartment and its white walls, for the bedroom I crave a darker vibe to tone it down a notch. Since I don’t want to paint the walls dark – been there, done that in the old place – I want to find a dark and moody wallpaper that’s removable. An easy way to change the mood in the new bedroom and the perfect solution for renters since it’s quickly removable. I haven’t found the one yet, but you know me, I am on the hunt.



The only thing I did invest in for the bedroom upon moving, was a new wardrobe. I decided on a large IKEA Pax with lots of storage. Pretty simple. I did bring my old dresser but it isn’t the right size and fit for the new place, so I want to update that one as well. As much as I love Scandinavian inspired furniture, I realized that I am more and more drawn to industrial style and midcentury furniture with a modern twist. With a wooden bed and a dark patterned wall, a dark midcentury style dresser like the one pictured above would be the perfect addition, don’t you think?


New Bedroom Inspiration |

What do you think of my vision for a new bedroom? I might share a floor plan of the place soon, because it’s much easier to understand the peculiar shape and structure that way 


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