My Winter Skin Remedy


Dull complexion no more! Those frosty months of the year are really harsh on our skin. Usually plump and glowing faces turn into oily but still dry or even itchy surfaces.

Can you relate?

Perfect skin seems to be an urban myth these days or so I thought. There are issues even a healthy diet and lots of water can´t solve, such as imbalanced hormones or even stress. Still there are certain products that might help you as they helped me during the cold season so far. And that´s coming from a super-picky and uber-sensitive customer when it comes to skincare.

>> Clarisonic Mia Facebrush
I don´t think this holy grail of skincare products needs any further explanation. It´s just all kinds of wonderful and I am so grateful my gal pal Nina got this for me (Thanks again doll!) My skin feels softer and cleaner and looks healthier since I started using it around two months ago. I am confident to go without make-up and definitely couldn´t say that before!
(For those of you living in Austria or Germany: The Mia 2 is now exclusively available at Douglas online!)

>> Pure Argan Oil by Josie Maran Cosmetics
Using oil on already oily or combination skin was such a foreign concept to me. Argan oil is different though. Especially during the colder months our skin is stressed out and needs all the help it can get to stay strong and nourished. A few drops of this miracle oil is doing just that. I love it an can´t wait to try the argan oil-based make-up line as well!

>> Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins
This vitamin-dense and mineral-packed night creme is truly one of its kind. After getting a sample a couple of years ago, I purchased it and never looked back. It´s my skincare staple ever since. Meanwhile Origins launched an oil-free version as well but as I said before, you really want to go with the original one as your skin needs a little oil in winter. I don´t use it during summer as it´s too heavy for my skin but right now I can´t think of a better overnight miracle worker as this little pot of goodness. Oh, and it smells yummy too!

>> Vitamine D Supplement
It´s called The Sunshine Vitamine for a good reason. Vitamine D is produced naturally by your body through direct exposure to sunlight. Your body can´t store this forever though, therefore you should think about taking a supplement during the winter season (if you don´t live in a sunny country all year long of course). Some say special food sources might suffice but personally I feel better since taking these every winter for three months. It´s like a little cure that helps your skin staying healthy from the inside and also lightens up your mood if you´re not lucky enough to see the sun every day.

What do you think? What is your secret to healthy happy winter skin? 


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  1. Woohoo! Mia!! Argan Oil!!!

    How funny – I am sitting here on the couch thinking how dry my face feels while catching up on blogs and then I come across this!
    I actually need to get more Argan oil soon, but I do have some “skin oil” from the drugstore to use in the mean time.

    Glad to see the Mia and Josie Maran are working for you!