My Favorite Planners for 2016


My Favorite Planners for 2016 |

Here we are again, facing the planner conundrum for the quickly arriving new year. Where did we left of last time, when we talked about my favorite planners for 2015?


Around this time last year, I ordered the Design Love Planner and couldn´t wait to start customizing it to my liking. Sadly, it didn’t arrive before mid-February due to shipping problems… I am a creature of habit when it comes to organizing and being without an agenda for a good six weeks of the new year made me feel totally out of my comfort zone. As gorgeous as this planner is, I honestly didn´t put it to full use. I know, what a waste! It ended up being too bulky though and I should have considered the measurements before placing my order. But other than that, it´s a fab desk planner for your (home) office. Lesson learned!


In July, I came across and their colorful fun 17-months-planners and was quick to order the gold-white one (it seems to be sold-out at their site, but you can get it at Rachel George!). I know, I know, last year I told you I only use planners from January through December, a whole calendar year – but, I gave it a try and really loved using it so far. If only it wouldn´t still be a tad bit too bulky. Yes, I want a planner big enough to jot down my appointments, plans and ideas but don´t want it to take too much room in my bag. Am I too high-maintenance?


That´s when I came across The Paperbunny – based in Singapore – and their gorgeous leather agendas covering December 2015 to December 2016. In terms of size, I do feel they are only slightly smaller than the ones – so there´s that.


After giving it another round of thought, I realized I can´t have it all when it comes to a daily planner that also works for the blog and is small enough to carry around. So, I am having a separate one for the blog and decided on the Get To Work Book by Elise Blaha. It´s not a blogger planner exclusively but rather works as goal setting work book that guides you through the year. My hopes in using it are to plan more wisely and make my ideas and goals happen. With this gem on its way, I would only need a small diary for my day-to-day life.


Turns out, I didn´t have to look so far. Navucko, launched a small diary planner, handmade in Germany that comes in three gorgeous colors and is practically a steal. If only it wouldn´t be sold out right now…




Which kind of planner are you using for 2016?




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  1. I love the idea of planners and then I use them for a month and then completely forget about them! haha! For me, using notepads works best. I think I just iike seeing everything on one page or else I forget stuff.

    1. That happens to me when I don´t get used to the layout quickly and don´t “feel” the planner, too.
      But usually I like the whole process of writing on paper and set reminders manually and just look through it at the end of the year to be reminded again :)

  2. Love that get to work planner!
    I am still awaiting my Design Love planner! Hopefully it’s here soon.

    1. That´s really odd, given you ordered so early! Maybe email them? And yes, can´t wait to get it :)