My New Clean Skin Routine


My Clean Skin Routine |

When it comes to skincare, you know I can be quite the picky one. I prefer my products to be all-natural, effective yet sensitive and not too fragrant. That ain’t easy, believe me, I know. However it’s been a while since my last skincare update. My skin concerns and needs have changed quite a bit, so I had to find new products and a new routine that works for me. And boy, did I get hooked up!


The new skin brush

First of all, as much as I loved my Clarisonic Skin Brush, my skin started to react to it with redness and dry patches. Yes, I cleaned it religiously and changed the brush heads regularly. It didn’t help at all. Still, I didn’t want to resign from using a skin care device since I grew to love that part of cleansing. A little research brought me to the FOREO Luna and I thought why not give it a try?! An impulse purchase on Black Friday that didn’t disappoint for a change. Yay!


I have been using the Luna now for nearly three month. Not only did the redness and dry patches, disappear, I also feel like my skin is notably clearer and firmer. The massage function is a true win and feels so relaxing after a long day at work! It’s easy to clean and still as good as new. No new brush heads needed! Plus, I like the cute design :)


I chose the pink one which was designed for normal skin types. I figured the sensitive one might be too gentle for me and honestly the bristles on the Luna for combination skin scared me a bit. Overall I like that the FOREO Luna is available for different skincare needs, because our specific skincare concerns are as complex as we are, right?!


My Clean Skin Routine |

Now let’s talk cleansers. Pretty much any good one will work with the Luna as long as it’s not an exfoliating one. Those could alter the surface of the brush and destroy it in the long run. I tried a few different cleansers and now settled on two that work wonderful for me.


Two New Cleansers

In the morning I use the Purifying Cleansing Gel by Team Dr. Joseph. An all-natural organic product with a nice minty smell that works perfectly well as an extra wake-up-kick in the morning!


At night, Frank Body’s Creamy Face Cleanser does the trick for me. Again, an all-natural product and that one’s charcoal based. It truly is a triple threat since it removes make-up, cleans the face thoroughly and doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils. I love using it in the shower and then bring my Luna in to help. Works like a charm!



–Disclaimer: I purchased the FOREO LUNA myself given a discount in order to write a review on my blog. As usual this is my very own opinion.–




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