My Birthday Wishlist


My Birthday Wishlist |

It’s my birthday week! All you #Maybabies outthere sure know how I feel right now, don’t you?! I must admit I am not thrilled that my birthday falls on a bank holiday this year. With everything closed, the city in a deep nap, is not how I prefer spending my day out and about. Luckily there’s always brunch on the horizon and quality time to spend with quality people.


Since I did check off a few items on the home wishlist recently, I decided to share my personal wishes for my special day. I like to believe that I am not very hard to find gifts for but I was told otherwise. A few of those gems are gifts from me to myself (aren’t they the best?!) and are currently on their way… So despite having brunch, enjoying the sun on the patio and having great coffee with my girls, here’s what else would make me very very happy. Just so you know…


1  The Bartaile Bag

I wanted to invest in a timeless black all-in-one bag in forever. As soon as I came across Bartaile’s Kickstarter campaign, I knew that I have to become a supporter and can’t wait to call the C12 Nylux my own! There are 4 different ways to wear it day and night and its concept is so well thought through, I can’t wait for August to arrive, to finally hold it in my hands!


2  Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls

Can’t stop, won’t stop raving about this book! And ever since I handed over my copy to my friend’s excited little girl, I wanted a new one for myself. So, take two, I guess! Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls needs to be a staple in every home. Mark my words!


3  Elizabeth + James Nirvana Bourbon

I already told you that I want to live in this scent. It’s woodsy and fierce and I feel like myself when wearing it. Thanks to Nina, another bottle will soon be on its way and I cannot wait to wear Nirvana Bourbon all day every day again.


4  Ilia Arabian Knights

Sometimes a (new) beauty brand crosses your way and you’re intrigued. That’s what happened when I came across Ilia lipsticks. Velvety, creamy and the prettiest colors to boot. Arabian Knights is the one shade I can’t get my hands on over here for whatever reason, but I think it would be such a lovely color to wear. Don’t you?!


5  Black Labradorit Bracelet

A statement bracelet, that’s still timeless but a conversation starter nonetheless – that’s what this gem is to me. If you’re looking for affordable outstanding pieces, Lisbon based Boutique Minimaliste is my go-to shop for unique gifts and little treats from me to myself.


6  Flannel Shirt Soy Candle

Since moving to the new place, I was thinking about the perfect home scent. Penelope Co.’s candles have been on my wishlist for quite some time and the fact that they now sell home diffusers too, is a match made in heaven. I like earthy scents with a twist and Flannel Shirt is totally up my alley. The cute packaging and simple labels are a plus too. Can’t wait for it to arrive!


7  Tata Harper’s Restorative Eye Cream

Oh, Tata! A few years back I started double cleansing thanks to Tata Harper products and it changed my skin tremendously. I tried and tested many brands and products but I always seem to come back to their products. The Restorative Eye Cream comes with a hefty price tag but it’s the only one that ever worked the way I wanted it to. Since I am turning 35, I think investing in great skincare has to be mandatory. Also, it’s all organic cruelty-free and smells absolutely amazing!


8  Buffalo Print

My favorite room in the new place right now is my small hallway. It took nearly a year for the renovations to be over and since last month, it finally happened. I got to hang my prints and photos and the gallery wall I dreamed of is slowly but surely coming together. This buffalo print would make an amazing addition and had to join my wishlist.


9  Indoor Palmtree

The patio is already equipped with fresh herbs for the season and I already got to nosh on my very own strawberries. A huge palmtree or some kind of indoor tree for the living room would be lovely. I was pretty much set on a Monstera, but I am not sure if it’s the right fit for the very sunny living room. We’ll see what I end up with soon.


10  Brunch Queen T-Shirt

Stevie and I are the #BrunchQueensVienna for a good reason. These t-shirts are exactly what we needed this season, even though we plan on having many more brunches on my patio for a change. That tee definitely comes in handy either way ♥



Let the birthday week start!





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  1. I’d also love to have the rebel girls book. I’ve been seeing it everywhere lately and it just seems to be exactly my cup of tea.
    And also: Happy Birthday! I’ll sure as hell forget to congratulate you on the exact day so I’ll better do it now.
    xx hope

    1. Hope! It really is amazing for girls, boys, women, men – I wish I could get a copy for everyone I know ;)

      Thank you, it’s on Thursday actually, but since I plan on celebrating all week, I’ll take it ;) xo

  2. I am so trying the Elizabeth + James scent you put on your list. Since we have so many other similar likes, perhaps I can finally find my new scent. Have you tried REPLICA in Jazz Club? I love it but I am not sure it’s “the one”.

    1. I hear ya! I like it too but not enough to fork out that kind of money. As I said Nirvana Bourbon is huge for me and I also like the Boyfriend perfume oil roll-on for winter (so good!) and a little goes a long way! Also my sister surprised me with Tom Ford’s Violet Orchid. I can’t wait to give that one a try too! Speaking of Elizabeth and James – you might like the Nirvana black too, it’s woody as well but more unexpected, almost mossy bloomy if that’s a thing. I have the roll-on as well :) Let me know if you found the one amongst these!