Monday Madness No. 129 | GRLPWR


Monday Madness No. 129 | GRLPWR -

Hello May! My birthday month has officially begun and I am stoked as can be. Also it’s Monday and on Mondays we share some link love over here, also known as Monday Madness!


Cue for a little sappiness: I can’t believe it’s already the 129th issue of sorts. This is wild! If you fancy a trip down memory lane – not too far down maybe (insert all the embarrassed emojis) – here’s all of the Monday Madness goodness combined. Ah, good times!


Now, back to business and all the glorious femmes who keep spreading some much needed GRLPWR. Just so you know, I would love to have you all over for a girlpower dinner party. You in?



“And in the end I think, it’s ok to not be spectacular every single day”… Sara, in her thought-provoking piece called Be a Blossom Tree. Go, read it!


• How self-doubt and oversharing go hand-in-hand sometimes. The Shiny Pretty Happy’s very own Amy is shining a light on that matter in Uncomfortable.


• Chloe’s Running On Empty post had me all nodding and clapping over here. We need to talk openly and unapologetically about mental health and its many faces, ladies!


“If someone wants to be a feminist, I’m not going to be the clipboard girl denying entry to the club because ‘You’re doing it wrong’ “… Oh, Maddie, never change!


Dare to Dream Big. Kerstin is raw and honest and definitely another dream dinner party guest. Ever since a short hiatus at the beginning of the year, she’s hitting it out of the park lately over at Miss Getaway. If you’re in the mood to add another Austrian blogging gal to your list – of course you are – go, do it :)


• Geri is keeping it real on her journey and latest life update: Heart Vs. Ego. Kudos to you, lady!


• YES, YES, YES! Can We Stop Judging Other People’s Reproductive Choices?! #mybodymychoice


GIRLS: The Final Season was the Show at its Saddest, and its Best… While the last season was strong, the final one was undoubtedly the best. So. Many. Feels! I tweeted up a storm and I am not ashamed to admit that it took me six seasons to warm up to her until I finally irrevocably fell in love with Hannah Horvath. Such a great show!



(Image by Harley Quinn & Co.)




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  1. So much YES to that ravishly post on reproductive choices! Most people tend to think my interest in adoption is solely due to my medical issues… but a lot of it is that I do not do well with tiny squishy infants. But people tend to look at you like you’re a horrible human if you say that. I just know myself and my limits and would rather start with a toddler or older if I decide to do the kid thing. Especially if I choose to do it alone — which, oy, the talks I get when I even causally mention maybe being a single parent.

    1. Thank you so much for speaking openly about that topic, Erini! I whole-heartedly agree with everything you said and I much rather be open about my flaws, my strengths and the things I know I do not want or cannot deal with, than doing it the traditional way and end up utterly unhappy! So yeah, standing ovations to you girl! xo