Monday Madness No. 128 | Girls, Girls, Girls


Monday Madness No. 128 - Girls, Girls, Girls -

It’s Monday and Monday means Monday Madness! Once again, I’ve scoured my favorite reads from fellow female bloggers as well as women who are just killing it lately. Since my Live Feminism! rant quickly became one of your favorites so far, I decided to keep the girl power in this month’s link love. Cool?!


So without further ado, take it away ladies:


• Plus Size? More like My Size! Slay, Ashley Graham, slay!


• Why Feelings Are Fun and there is no such thing as being too emotional.


Observations on Having Money (from someone who never did) is such a clever post by Sara Tasker that had me like whoa! She is my new spirit animal when it comes to finances, for sure.


• So spot on! Things That Make Me A Bad Feminist. We’ve all been there and it’s worth giving it a second thought, I think.


• Lauryn on Women Bashing Women Sucks. Don’t mind me over here screaming “You got this, girl!”, sending all the fierce-girl-in-red-dress-emojis I can.


Why Beauty and the Beast is the Best Movie You’ll See All Year. I CAN’T WAIT!!


• GIRLS is going there. The Cunning American Bitch Episode truly was one of a kind. What else is new?


19 Signs You Really Are Becoming an Adult from Kerstin are hilarious. And true. It’s hilarious, because it’s true!


• Ah, the age-old question: Why Do We Hate it When A Woman Changes?




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