Monday Madness No. 127 | Live feminism!


Monday Madness No.127 |

It’s time for a long overdue Monday Madness Link Love but also for me to finally speak my mind on a current trend that rubs me the wrong way. The thing is, as a blogger, you get a lot of slack. You get angry emails when you don’t talk about the latest catastrophe that happened immediately on your blog, and you get even angrier emails when you do, because as a blogger how dare you have an opinion! Ah, the trolls…


The thing is, I don’t care about haters! It’s just so easy to hide behind a screen name and just troll others, isn’t it?! What I do care about is when bloggers start to be afraid to speak their minds because of those trolls. Concerning the heart-wrenching development in women’s rights, EVERYONE should have an opinion! When I read one more blog post of a blogger I admire, that starts with, “I am just a blogger and I know I shouldn’t talk about this…”, or “I am not even American and I should let those speak out who are smarter than me…”, I am going to lose it!


You are a human being, you have an opinion, so speak out! It doesn’t matter if you’re not involved in politics, if you’re American or not. Heck, it doesn’t even matter if you’re a woman or not.

You can be feminist, you can believe in women’s rights because they are human rights and you should speak up about something that is not right and not tip-toe around the subject or apologize for having an opinion in the first place!


Don’t just talk feminism, live feminism!


So, to add my two cents to the conversation, I want to feature a theme this week on Spunkyrella. We talk about rights, we talk about hormones, we talk about art, we talk about women this week and you are invited to join the conversation and make your voice heard! To start things off, some link love to important reads of fellow female bloggers and just amazing women outthere…


• The Women’s March and Beyond is a great overview by Joanna and gives you all the feels.


• Danielle shared her story about how moving to Chicago Seven Years Ago completely changed her life. It’s inspiring.


• Lina is now podcasting her Twenty Something Column and it’s charming and fun and empowering to listen to.


• Vicky dealt with haters in Trust Fund Baby and handled it like the boss she is. Kudos!


• Reading Shawna’s An Open Letter to My Mother made me sad but also hopeful for her daughters with a mother like her as role model. Must read!


• Veronika won’t be Quiet and she shouldn’t. Her story is important to be heard or read.


• I truly miss Christina and Profresh Style but I am glad important reads such as Conformity Is For The Stupid are still around, now more valuable than ever before.


Why I Shared My Story On National TV is Jillian’s powerful essay about an uncomfortable subject for many to hear. We need to be more open! (Trigger warning: Sexual assault).


Impossible Dream: The OA’s Brit Marling on persistence and going with your gut. My new spirit animal!



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  1. This is so inspiring and empowering! I love the idea of this and agree that it is important to raise our voice on this topic. Really great job!